Who We Are

Our Story

AboutKidz was established in December 2010 when a small group of volunteers wanted to make a difference in the lives of children in our local community. At our first back-to-school event (First Day), 125 low-income and at-risk elementary age children received backpacks filled with materials needed to successfully start their first day of school. AboutKidz has since added the Game Day and Graduation Day programs, and now almost 1,000 children receive back-to-school backpacks and other items at First Day.

AboutKidz is unique in that we don't give hand-outs, we give a hand-up. Our philosophy at AboutKidz is to create events where we not only reach out to children, but to the entire family. It is our goal that our volunteers personally connect with each family member in an effort to make sure they feel welcomed and cared for. 

our mission

AboutKidz is a 501(c)(3) organization established to meet the practical needs for underprivileged children in our communities in an effort to create equal opportunities for academic and athletic excellence. We focus on addressing the most basic needs of low-income and at-risk children in order to make the biggest impact on families in our community. 

our team

AboutKidz relies on an army of volunteers to make a lasting impact in our local communities. Through hard work and sacrifice, we have seen families lifted up and the trajectory of many children's lives changed. We are truly thankful for all who support the mission of AboutKidz and consider each of them a part of our great team.

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